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June 28

Jen Goettemoeller will moderate the Policy Panel. Panelists will include:

  • Tom Casady (Lincoln Public Safety Director and Former Chief of Police)
  • Senator Galen Hadley (Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature)
  • Jessie Rasmussen (President of the Buffett Early Childhood Fund)
  • Doug Weinberg (Director of Nebraska DHHS-Children and Families Services)
  • Dr. Rachel Wise (President of the Nebraska State Board of Education)

The panel will focus on early childhood from a policy and systems perspective. The purpose of the panel is to discuss—across state systems and across public/private lines—the importance of the early years (0-5) in improving outcomes among children, as well as highlight how agencies and the private sector are making early childhood a priority.

11:30am to 1:15pm


Crystal 1, 2, 3